Literary Advantages

It’s they blues of my soul
That taught me to write a song
It’s that voice deep inside
It shows me right from wrong
It’s that warm feeling of a smile
That makes the ride worthwhile
Well, it’s the blues of my soul
That taught me to write a song

Yes, I know
To lead this life would calm my soul
It’s the beat
And the life of rock n roll
When it’s over
And time has passed
I’ll run back and make me whole

I find abode in words of ecstasy
That keep my mind levelled clean
When the ink cleans the sheet
Focus like a snipers beam
Fingers hurt, head flickering
Only lift my eyes if they’re gleaming
I find abode in words of ecstacy
That keep my mind levelled clean


Another Fool In Love

I spent nights at home,

Staring at my phone,

Waiting for a text, to tell me it’s all a joke.

I spent nights sleepless,

And days hopeless,

Waiting for a call that never came.


Every time I went to sleep,

It was you in my dream,

Oh Lord! It was more than I could take.

I woke up soaked in sweat,

Put a gun against my head,

But no, what if you call me when I’m dead.


They say loving can hurt,

Toss you into dust and dirt,

Make you wanna pick flowers and string ’em.

Have you had your heart break,

And thought it’s your mistake,

Feel at home, in the land of the dead.


It’s been too long,

And my phones still on,

It’s time I pick up my gun and head out..

Point it at her head,

Later, make sure she’s dead,

This way I feel will then, maybe end.


I walked up to her house,

Heard glass break and a shout,

Saw him drag her out, held her by her hair.

Staring at her, I took aim,

Emptied my gun into his mane,

And finally told her, “I never stopped loving you”.


Yes, I’m just another fool in love.


-In Sane Province.

Middle-Class Family Man 

The skies wore a different hue

Never seen my home from this perspective

My eyesight faltered

Seemed like I was having a bad hangover.
The day had begun no different than the day before,

My kids played in the grass,

My wife, oh! my beautiful wife, with her tresses so glorious  

She was there, teaching them to read the skies .
I went on, feeding to the day’s routine.

To do my duties as a breadwinner.

Chased, ran the rat race and won.

At least, I thought I did.
A loud noise struck me,

The earth trembled, I fell….
The predator had got to me

The day we feared had come

I ran, led them away from my family.

Gave them a “Glorious Chase”
This is no hangover!

Where is the blood coming from?

Why is my world upside down?

Or is it me looking up?!
A corner of my eye caught my lair,

My family safe, weeping but safe.

My kids perplexed, my wife strong.

Only I know she wore a mask that day.
My predator thought he’d won

Thought he captured the prey

Little did he know 

It wasn’t he who won, but me. 

As a father,

A husband,

A Lion.

Based on the old proverb-

“Until the Lion learns to write, every song will glorify the hunter.”


It’s probably the same air that they’re breathing 

But one sees the cloud, the other, a silver lining. 

A homeless man was screaming today 

It was directed at monsoons ripe cloud. 

Reeking with moisture was his Bed of hay

But the rains had made a farmers harvest proud 

This is probably life, I guessed? 

Where one gets the pain, 

The other gets the best 

It’s probably the same air that they’re breathing 

But one sees the cloud, the other, a silver lining.