Music In The Silence (#1)

Have you ever sat by yourself?

By yourself I mean alone.

Alone in the presence of a million people,

Alone in the presence of a traffic jam,

Alone in the presence of an earthquake.

The word “alone” has always baffled me

The dictionary probably defines it in a very objective manner but, to me, it has always been subjective.

Ever stood with a group of people you know, who know you, acquaintances, friends or maybe even family and still felt alone?

By alone I don’t mean loneliness,

By alone I probably mean “All By Myself” like the Eric Carmen song.

It is then, at that moment when you’re alone the silence hits you

In that silence, is when you have got to listen.

I know I sound like I’ve gone bonkers in the top floor.

But if you do listen carefully

Blocking out all the noise

Like man discovered the wheel, this discovery will finally help you solve the circle of life

Like man discovered fire you will discover something that lights up your soul

The Music In The Silence.